Chantal Lajeunesse


Canadian Osteopath, D.O., Manual lymph Drainage & lymphedema therapist (Dr. Vodder Techniques)
Licensed member of the Registrerede Osteopater, Danmark (R.O.)

Osteopathy is a philosophy as much as a practice. Every day I strives to deepen my knowledge.
I learned intuitive understanding and practical skills relating to health, healing and personal development.

My passion and mission is to help people regain health and create balance in their lives

My approach combines osteopathic techniques, including craniosacral, myofascial and visceral, with self-care strategies to promote whole body health.

In my daily practice, I treat clients of all ages, including infants and children’s, pregnant women, athletes and patients with acute and chronic pain.

I always work with full awareness of the totality of the body. My practice is based on the idea that everyone is unique and comes with a personal history and a unique story.

That’s why all my treatments are designed and tailored to my patients specific needs.

Kontakt Chantal på 71348513 eller e-mail: